How do I wash my wool hats and scarves?

Hand wash only. Soak in lukewarm water with lanolin-based wool soap. Gently lift and place garment on a towel. Slowly roll towel to press water out. Lay on flat surface or mesh rack and allow to air dry in indirect sunlight, turning as needed.

Are the wool slippers too warm for summer?

In the Sahara Desert, Bedouins wear thin wool clothing to help them keep cool in the scorching heat. The breathable “air pocket” characteristics of wool mean that sweat doesn’t weigh down your insulation layers, which causes you to feel consistently warmer the more you sweat. Wool captures moisture which evaporates and cools the skin.

Can I wash my slippers?

We recommend not getting them wet. If you get a spot try to clean the surface of the slippers with a wet cloth. 

Are the sheep endangered during shearing?

Our suppliers use sustainable and humane farming practices, without mulesing and shearing occurs pre-lambing.

Will my skin itch?

We ditch the itch by using the softest fibers available for our products.