Handmade in Nepal

Traditional Craftsmanship

Baabushka slippers and booties are not manufactured in a factory. Made by hand with traditional wool felting techniques that use only soap and water, the result is modern, comfortable footwear that is both lightweight and durable.

Our Responsibility

Fair Trade

We are committed to fair trade and fair employment. It takes half a day to create one pair of slippers. When you buy Baabushka slippers, you too are supporting high-paying, fair trade jobs for Nepali women.

the why of wool

Good for the Environment

The natural properties of wool keep your feet at a perfect temperature no matter the season. Wool is also nature's ultimate renewable resource, making it not only good for your feet, but for the planet.

social justice

Helping to End Poverty

For every purchase you make, Baabushka donates a portion of the total sale to Global Citizen, a non-profit that works around the world with the goal of ending extreme poverty.