Wool Bootie with Rubber Sole and Arch Support - Red


Slip into our coziest and most supportive booties ever! Baabushka's new line of outdoor footwear now features built-in arch support. Paired with extra layers of felt, our cushiony booties provide relief for those days full of standing and walking.

Our redesigned rubber soles sport deeper non-skid treads for enhanced grip indoors and out. Now you can comfortably step out in your Baabushkas to pick up the mail, do some gardening, walk the dog, and more.

Baabushka's footwear is handmade by artisans living in the beautiful Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. Using sheep’s wool, water, and organic soap, our artisans use traditional felt crafting techniques handed down through generations. The result is soft yet durable footwear. The felted wool is gentle on your feet —naturally insulating, yet allowing your skin to breathe— so you can enjoy wearing your Baabushka footwear year-round.

The bootie style is designed to conform to the contours of your foot and comes up past your ankle, ensuring a comfortable fit that will not slip off.

Find your size: Use this page to make sure the bootie perfectly fits your feet! Refer to the graphic below, or download a copy to print out.

Materials: All-natural wool sourced from New Zealand with cast latex rubber soles and insoles.

Care: Spot-clean the surface by hand with a damp cloth and allow them to air-dry in indirect light. Soaking the slippers, placing them in a washing machine or heated drying can cause the wool to shrink.

Please note: As with all handmade items using natural materials, each pair of booties can come with subtle variations.

Each Baabushka slipper or bootie is hand-made by skilled artisans in Nepal. Use this page to make sure the slipper they crafted for you perfectly fits your feet! Refer to the graphic below, or download a copy to print out.

Baabushka Slippers & Booties Sizing Guide

Every Baabushka slipper and bootie features the personal signature of the Nepali artisan who created it. Your purchase is a contribution to these women's financial empowerment. You are promoting their independence, providing their children the opportunity to attend school, and enabling their expanded role in their developing society's economic growth.

Look below to see which of these incredible Nepali women crafted yours.

Baabushka Meet the Makers

To take a glimpse into the journey of your slippers and booties, from creation to relaxation, please watch our newest video below:

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